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Medical anthropology and ethnobotany

If you are carrying out or planning or analysing studies on anthropology and/or ethnobotany, this group is for you! Please start discussions on issues which you are facing, and join in other discussions.


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One problem which has ‘haunted’ ethnopharmacology, is the lack of clearly defined standards on how to conduct ethnopharmacological field studies. This ambiguity regarding appropriate methods and how to analyse data has resulted ...

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If you are working on isolation or identification of medicinal plant compounds, this group is for you! Please feel free to start a discussion on any "hot topics" in phytochemistry!


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I am very keen on further publications about similar research and would like to emphasize the immense potential of the herbs and plants in different medical conditions and how we lack the ...

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Clinical trials

Are you planning or conducting or analysing a clinical trial of a herbal medicine? If so, this group is for you. Please join or start a discussion on the challenges you are facing!


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Strengthening capacity for review boards is imported. I am conducting a herbal clinical trial in Zimbabwe which required 5 levels of institutional and national ethical and regulatory review boards. It was a ...

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Pharmacology of medicinal plants

If you are studying the pharmacological activity of plants, and would like to discuss methodological issues, please start or join a discussion!


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I am working on a clinical trial administering a crude extract because my objectives are to assess safety in a herb that people are already taking; hence the intervention should reflect the ...

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MUTHI Clinical Trial Herbal Medicine Workshop Participants, West African Region

·         Recently, the MUTHI organized a workshop on the clinical trial of herbal medicine at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria for Scientists within the West African Sub-Region.  The Workshop attracted Clinical, Pharmaceutical and other Research Scientists from Nigeria and other West African Countries. After the meeting, participants were of the opinion  that we  should not lose the benefits gained from the workshop and therefore suggested that there was a need to create a forum where all participants could exchange ideas on Clinical Trial research of herbal medicines, with a view to improving the quality and global public acceptability of African herbal medicines, thereby better promoting the health and wealth of our people within the sub-region. The creation of this link is premised on the above and the link created with the following objectives:

  • To harness  the available skills in clinical trial of herbal medicine  development available within the Region,
  • To enhance collaboration and exchange of ideas among clinical trial  researchers within this specialty across the Sub -Region
  • To provide advice to local herbal medicine developers on the need to improve and standardize their product using proved scientific methods and evidence based scientific approach.
  • To provide avenue for capacity-building resources and for improving herbal drug research, development, production and clinical application in the sub-region   
To find out more about this group, please email Augustine.

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Introductions and discussion

This group is for members to introduce themselves and to allow you to post about issues not covered by any of the other specific groups.  


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I have seen the chapter on botanical medicine for women. The peanut shell information is very interesting and worth investigating. Thanks.

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Intellectual property rights

What are the best ways of protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of traditional knowledge owners, while enabling research to progress? If you are interested in these issues, please join or start a discussion here!